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Brand new material from legendary 90’s soul group Portrait, produced by original members Michael Angelo Saulsberry and Phillip Johnson. “Afro Trees” is the first PORTRAIT album for 14 years, original members Michael Angelo Saulsberry and Phillip Johnson composing and producing all new original songs (with a little help from Raphael Saadiq). The album takes the group back to what they do best, as first presented on their releases for Capitol Records in the 1990s – smooth and sophisticated r&b grooves with ingenious hooks, arrangements, and pure class.

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Featuring ten tracks there is a mixture of ballads and stepping in the name of love dance grooves, if that is your musical bag then like The System ‘This Is For You’. Modern day contemporary soul artists Raheem Devaughn and Musiq Soulchild exercise their smooth and soothing vocals on some glorious string arrangements via ‘Love Jones’ and ‘Nobody Does It’ for the steppers. Christie Michelle gives a slinky vocal performance on a seductive bump and grind produced ‘Ebony’, followed by an equally sensual bedroom and enticing bedroom ballad ‘For Sure’ delivered with passion by Jackie Michaels. 

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When many people think of early ’90s R&B, several artists come to mind such as Guy, En Vogue, Keith Sweat, Bobby Brown and several others. While those artists fit squarely into the subgenre New Jack Swing, once this sound faded, another sound emerged that blended R&B with hip-hop and quickly gained popularity. It is this sound that Portrait popularized and led them to the top of the charts.

The R&B group “Portrait” is known for their funky 1992 hit single “Here We Go,” which debuted in 1993 on Capitol Records. Debut album “PORTRAIT” sold over a million copies worldwide delivering hits such as, “Here We Go Again,” “Honey Dip,” and “Day by Day.”

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VARIOUS ARTISTS – Soul Japan Presents Family Snapshots Vol. 1 (JAP Soul Japan) Salu – R.C. / Positivity – THE DCX / It’s Time For Love – HOWARD JOHNSON / I Think About You – REGIS BRANSON / Spend The Night – PORTRAIT / Caught Up – KED / Let’s Just Give It Some Time – KHRIS KELLOW / I Just Wanna Satisfy – THE DCX / Girl I Need Your Love – KHRIS KELLOW / Take Away The Pain – HOWARD JOHNSON / Right Here Right Now – KED / My Lady – ED JOHNSON / I’m Sorry – REGIS BRANSON / All Or Nothing – R.C.

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Howard Johnson and Regis Branson are two artists that are familiar to me via their debut duet album from over a decade ago now. Soul Japan sent me this album, which is their second excellent release following their fine ‘Project Butterfly’ outing last year. Howard Johnson is a fine soul singer, ever since his early days with Niteflyte and his collaborations with Kashif in the early Eighties.

This set kicks off with a revamped version of his R & B hit ‘So Fine’. This album is not a one track affair, in fact it is a fine all round release. Regis Branson’s warm tones compliment Howards and the whole set forms a very satisfying start to the new year. Of the cuts on offer here, ‘Still In Love With You’, ‘Hang Around Me (drop dead gorgeous!), ‘It Really Doesn’t Matter’, ‘Just A Chance’, ‘King Of Fools’ (really quite excellent) and ‘Every Little Thing’ make up a quality package that I would heartily recommend in this time of Worldly change. Music of a very high soulful quality. Buy blind.

So Fine Dance Mix 2003 (Johnson & Branson)

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Had an e-mail all the way from the land of the Rising Honda a few weeks back. Brought back memories of re-mortgaging my house to buy those Japanese fusion albums back in the early Eighties (even today the price stickers on those sets here still give the cost of an import CD a run for it’s money!). This time round I was about to be sent a set of which I had no idea what laid within it’s musical walls.

The label here is a new one called Soul Japan Records and the artist is one Joye B. Moore. Joye is a Gospel singer with a penchant for the secular soul sound, all of which make for a very interesting offering. Entitled ‘Project Butterfly’, Joye takes us on a musical vehicle designed to highlight her vocal prowess. She has a fine voice that wears all the melodies here very snugly indeed. The writing is intelligent, musically and lyrically all of which bode very well for this singer. Joye covers the soul standard ‘Everything Must Change’ expertly. Her voice is at home in all of the musical gears, so there is no waiting around for the next mellow or uptempo moment.

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Law Whittaker, one of the featured vocalist on Portrait’s Afro Trees project presents MY LIFE his first single for Soul Japan Records.