Afro Trees


Genre: RnB / Soul /Jazz / Gospel / Neo Soul / Urban

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Brand new material from legendary 90’s soul group Portrait, produced by original members Michael Angelo Saulsberry and Phillip Johnson.

“Afro Trees” is the first PORTRAIT album for 14 years, original members Michael Angelo Saulsberry and Phillip Johnson composing and producing all new original songs (with a little help from Raphael Saadiq). The album takes the group back to what they do best, as first presented on their releases for Capitol Records in the 1990s – smooth and sophisticated r&b grooves with ingenious hooks, arrangements, and pure class. LP limited. CD to follow later in the year.

The History

When many people think of early '90s R&B, several artists come to mind such as Guy, En Vogue, Keith Sweat, Bobby Brown and several others. While those artists fit squarely into the subgenre New Jack Swing, once this sound faded, another sound emerged that blended R&B with hip-hop and quickly gained popularity. It is this sound that Portrait popularized and led them to the top of the charts.

The R&B group "Portrait" is known for their funky 1992 hit single "Here We Go," which debuted in 1993 on Capitol Records. Debut album "PORTRAIT" sold over a million copies worldwide delivering hits such as, "Here We Go Again," "Honey Dip," and "Day by Day."

Since the late 1990s, the members of Portrait have been involved in various endeavors, though never straying too far from the music they most loved. Portrait now stands poised to reclaim their post as the forerunners of smooth R&B; reacquaint their fans to the depths of their souls and gain new followers in the process with a new sound, and single called "In The Moment," a mellow track made even smoother by Portrait's harmonies.