Genre : R&B/Soul/Neo Soul/Urban Jazz/Gospel
  1. Project Butterfly
  2. One Day
  3. Thank You
  4. Hold Up The Light
  5. The Wind
  6. Everything Must Change
  7. Break The Yolk
  8. Canvas Of Life
  9. Choose Ye This Day
  10. A Little Inspiration
  11. Make Your Move
  12. Sending You a Blessing
  13. Before Him
  14. Christ Is Moving

Had an e-mail all the way from the land of the Rising Honda a few weeks back. Brought back memories of re-mortgaging my house to buy those Japanese fusion albums back in the early Eighties (even today the price stickers on those sets here still give the cost of an import CD a run for it’s money!). This time round I was about to be sent a set of which I had no idea what laid within it’s musical walls.

The label here is a new one called Soul Japan Records and the artist is one Joye B. Moore. Joye is a Gospel singer with a penchant for the secular soul sound, all of which make for a very interesting offering. Entitled ‘Project Butterfly’, Joye takes us on a musical vehicle designed to highlight her vocal prowess. She has a fine voice that wears all the melodies here very snugly indeed. The writing is intelligent, musically and lyrically all of which bode very well for this singer. Joye covers the soul standard ‘Everything Must Change’ expertly. Her voice is at home in all of the musical gears, so there is no waiting around for the next mellow or uptempo moment.

I have always been a sucker for a good ballad of which ‘Canvas Of Life’ really fits the bill. I wonder what is next on the menu for this interesting record label. More of the same please.
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Project Butterfly // JOYE B MOORE
  1. Project Butterfly // JOYE B MOORE
  2. One Day // JOYE B MOORE
  3. Thank You // JOYE B MOORE
  4. Hold Up The Light // JOYE B MOORE
  5. The Wind // JOYE B MOORE
  6. Everything Must Change // JOYE B MOORE
  7. Break The Yolk // JOYE B MOORE
  8. Canvas Of Life // JOYE B MOORE
  9. Choose Ye This Day // JOYE B MOORE
  10. A Little Inspiration // JOYE B MOORE
  11. Make Your Move // JOYE B MOORE
  12. Sending You a Blessing // JOYE B MOORE
  13. Before Him // JOYE B MOORE
  14. Christ Is Moving // JOYE B MOORE